On November 13 1918, Ataturk left the Syrian Front and came to Istanbul where he moved into a suite at the Perapalas Hotel. After a few days he left the hotel and stayed in the house of his close friend Salih Fansa in Beyoglu. Then he rented the three-story house of Madam Kasabyan in Sisli and moved in there. At that time his mother Zubeyde Hanim and his sister Makbule were living in a house in the district of Akaretler in Besiktas. They moved into the house in Sisli with Ataturk. He put aside the third floor for their use. He himself lived on the middle floor. He used the large salon as a conference room. On the ground floor lived his aide de camp. During these dark days, when Istanbul was under enemy occupation, Ataturk held many secret meetings with his friends in this house. He lived here until May 16 1919 when he left for Samsun.

After Ataturk went to Anatolia and settled down in Ankara, he brought his mother and sister to live with him on Cankaya. Former deputy for Erzurum Tahsin Uzel then bought the house in Sisli. In 1942 Istanbul Municipality bought the house from Uzel in order to establish the Museum of Revolution.

The house is situated on Halaskar Gazi Boulevard in Sisli. It was known as Ataturk House. It was repaired by the Municipality and opened as the Museum of Revolution in 1943. The contents are arranged as follows:

1st Floor: The front room is used as a ceremonial salon and contains a large bust of Ataturk, a sketch of his hand, his identity papers and a picture of the house of his birth in Selonika. In the back room are relics of the War of Liberation, a cart loaded with ammunition, sketches and pictures showing military maneuvers of the Great Attack and the Sakarya and Inonu Battles, Ataturk's marshal's uniform, his desk and its cloth.

2nd Floor: In the front room are Ataturk's clothes, items used by him, and a radio received as a present from the United States. In the central hall are writing sets, his watch, his cigarette box, his fur hat, a recording of his voice etc. In the back room are parts of his speeches, the clothes which he wore during the days of the Sivas Congress, the clothes he wore while making the Great Speech, photographs, documents, sketches etc.

3rd Floor: Photographs of the revolutions, various books written about. Ataturk, photographs taken at the time of his death, newspapers, a jar of soil from Ataturk's Mausoleum etc.

Ataturk Museum Contact Info

Halaskargazi Caddesi, Sisli

Telephone: 90-212-2406319

Open daily except Thursdays and Sundays , 09:30-16:30


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