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Urfa BedestenURFA MUSEUM

The first museum depot was established in Urfa in 1948 in a room of a primary school. In 1956 the objects were moved to the ground floor rooms of Sehit Nusret Primary School and put on exhibit. When these rooms became too small a new museum building was begun in 1961. The works were moved here when it was completed in 1965. The new museum opened to the public in 1968.

Urfa Museum consists of two exhibition rooms. The small room to the right of the entrance contains statues, steles, column capitals, bas-reliefs, sacrificial altars and masonry. The large room contains ceramics and small metal, bone and stone objects from the prehistoric ages to the Greek, Roman and Byzantine periods, pieces of mosaics from Urfa Necropolis, excavation findings from Harran-Sultantepe, and ornaments. One section of the room contains ethnographic and Islamic period works, including manuscripts and inscriptions, carpets and kilims, metal jewelry etc.

The garden of Urfa Museum contains columns and capitals, friezes and pieces of statues, grave steles, inscriptions, clay water jars, Seljuk and Ottoman period inscriptions and grave stones found in Urfa, Viransehir, Nizip, Harran and Yarimtepe.


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Where is URFA ?
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  Area: 18.584 kmĀ²
  Population: 1.001.455
  1262 km from Istanbul